Welcome to the IBTC Lowestoft

Welcome to the IBTC International Boatbuilding Training College Lowestoft where we are proud to offer a wide range of traditional boatbuilding and joinery courses together with shorter courses exploring additional woodworking skills and maritime crafts.

Full Time Courses at the IBTC – 47 Weeks Duration

47 Week Boatbuilding

Our flagship course leads to the internationally recognised and coveted IBTC Diploma in boatbuilding along with City and Guilds 2463 level 3. This comprehensive course covers all the skills required to build and maintain boats.  more>>

47 Week Joinery & Furniture

This extensive course is aimed at teaching all the necessary skills and elements of joinery and furniture making, to enable you to go on to both design and construct your own, individual items of furniture. more>>

Full Time Courses at the IBTC – 12 and 24 Weeks Duration

Build your own boat – 24 Weeks

At the end of this course you will have completed and launched a boat of up to 5m in length.  more>>

Woodworking Skills – 12 Weeks

An intensive course focusing on a range of woodworking skills suitable for all including those with no previous experience. more >>

Small Boatbuilding – 12 Weeks

This 12 weeks Small Boatbuilding course starts with four weeks practical woodworking to learn the necessary skills required.

Short Courses at the IBTC – 1 Day to 4.5 Days

Basic Boat Plumbing and Electrics

2-day Course Cost – £320 Providing a solid grounding of basic plumbing and electrics the course consists of the following elements: Electrical theory [...]

Ropework, Knots and Splicing

2-day Course  – £320 A broad introduction to rope work techniques, the course consist of the following elements: A range of splices and [...]

Router Course

3-day Course Cost – £460 3-day Course – £460 An intensive, practical course providing an introduction to routers and router use incorporating [...]

Traditional Rigging and Wirework

3-day Course Cost – £460 Providing a sound introduction to traditional rigging and wirework techniques. The course covers: Identifying wire types; Learning [...]

Lofting Course

3 to 4-day Course Cost – £160 per day The course length is flexible depending on the complexity of the craft to [...]

GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastics)

4.5-day Course Cost £680 This ‘hands on’ course provides a comprehensive understanding of the use and treatment of GRP through practical exercises [...]

Introduction to Woodworking

4.5 Days - £600 inc VAT Suitable for complete beginners through to those looking to further develop their woodworking skills, the course [...]

The IBTC Lowestoft Logo

A little about the IBTC International Boatbuilding Training College Lowestoft

The college sits on the northern shore of Lake Lothing, the tidal reach of the River Waveney, depicted in Ted Frost’s book “From Tree To Sea”, which chronicles the building of a wooden steam fishing boat.

IBTC offers a variety of boatbuilding/maintenance and woodworking courses suitable for both those looking for a career in the industry as well as individuals wanting to develop existing interests and skills or develop new ones. Read more >>

What our students say about us

I found the weekends too long, the weeks too short and would wake up each day excited about what lay ahead.
Robert Tretheway
For me, this satisfaction comes from being ‘in the moment’
Roland Mann
The IBTC is there to help you grow into the boatbuilder that is in all of us with an interest and passion.
Paul Langham